Hanley & Fleishman, LLP was formed and operates in a very different manner from the traditional law firm. The traditional law firm is comprised of lawyers of differing expertise and experience in a pyramid-like structure with more experienced lawyers at the top who delegate to less experienced associates much of the legal service provided for clients. This structure, while it has proven very profitable for law firms and has provided a valuable training ground to the junior associates, detracts from what Hanley & Fleishman believes should be the focus of providing legal services: direct client contact and accountability. The lawyers actually performing the legal services for the client should have both direct contact with the client, and direct accountability to the client.

With this philosophy in mind, the principals of Hanley & Fleishman joined together with the idea that an organization providing legal services to a public agency should be structured according to the needs of public agencies, not according to the profit margins of a traditional law firm. Hanley & Fleishman exists as a vehicle to combine the municipal and public law experience of the principals and to better offer public agencies the depth and coverage that they need to effectively cope with the growing complexity of legal requirements and escalating litigiousness, but without the costs, overhead, bottomless staffing and inefficiencies of large, all-purpose law firms.

Hanley & Fleishman, LLP was formed after its principals each had spent many years representing public agencies throughout California individually and in traditional law firms. Their individual areas of legal expertise, when combined, provide a fully-rounded background in public agency law that spans nearly 50 years of experience. Together Mr. Hanley and Mr. Fleishman have represented more than 30 cities, special districts and other public agencies in California and Nevada, both in an advisory capacity, and in litigation in state and federal trial and appellate courts. They have extensive experience in general municipal law, as well as more specialized areas such as election law, public contracting, civil rights and public tort liability defense and risk management, regulatory compliance, code enforcement, public labor and employment law, land use and natural resource law.

There are no associate attorneys employed by Hanley & Fleishman. Each of the principals of the Hanley & Fleishman is directly responsible to the client for the legal services being performed, and each of the principals actually performs the legal services requested by the client, unless there is a compelling reason to retain outside counsel for a particular matter. In such instances, Hanley & Fleishman closely monitors both the actual legal work being performed, and the costs incurred for such work.

The sole purpose and goal of Hanley & Fleishman is to economically provide the highest caliber legal services to public agencies, with cost savings reflected by the firm’s low overhead, creative and extensive use of technology, and innovative risk management techniques.

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